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Coming soon to this website


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These are all things I'd like to add to this website soon

Soon I hope to have a page up featuring all the entries to mine and Sarah Ann's art contest, if you're interested, you can check out the post in the Art Class for details. The deadline is September 30th, but if you'd like it to be extended, send me a PM!

This page will be a listings area for all the things that I hope to add in the near future, I'll try to put up dates for when these things will be up, but some maybe more work than others, so I hope you'll hold tight and be patient!

There are a whole bunch of ideas I have to add to my site, such as a page of favorite icons and sig lines, one-on-one (Interviews with sissies) I have an idea for a new art project that I'd like to add soon, hopefully I can get some RL pics up on here, and there are so many other things I'd like to add (So little time to add them, tee hee) So I plan to edit alot from now on, until I finish alot of stuff here, but I'll be starting school in a few days, so I'll have alot less time to work on it and Eeep! Play sissyfight! But I'll make an effort to play at least a game or two a day. And editing will be done as often as possible. (I Hope)