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The Girl Behind Ashley2001


Well, Hmm... I don't know if you want to know more about me but I thought i might as well add it anyway:)
Well my name is Ashley, I'm from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I have two cats, one [my little baby] is named Charlotte, she's like 9 now but when she was 2 or 3, she was hit by a car and we were really surprised she lived, but as I type this she's walking in the room 'asking' me for her supper.
The other is Wilbur, he's a little dense, and a very nervous cat [and pretty darn vicious too!]
I used to have a gerbil, but he died June 3rd 2000. He was so cute though! I had named him Buddy, but that was like the 4th name he had!!

I live with my parents, Connie and Greg, and my little brother, Nicholas [He's 9, not old enough to play yet] My dad drives a transport truck for some company, and my mom does something with the gouvernment, I think. I don't really pay attention, you see, so I don't know these things.

I'm 13 years old, in grade 8. The only hobbies I have really are swimming, biking, jumping on my best friends trampoline, collecting TY beanie babies [I have about 70 in all] and hanging out with my friends. Oh, and of course the internet and Sissyfight:)

I'm a pretty loyal friend, I'm willing to lose or take the 'cide when my friends are in the room. And I'm always willing to take down a pair of teamers [or cheaters, for that matter] So if ya need help, keep an eye out for me on the playground!:)

On Sissyfight, I'd have to say my best friends are Missy Angel,Gorzola, KrazyGrlKat, Trix Mix, KikAssGal, Strawbs, AppleCider, Nicorette (Get well soon!), BadAndy, Nunda, Stupid*Gal, Dubee (RL Friend), angel of god, raisedbycats, teenaweena and sooo many more! sHaNe- and JoEY*~ were really great friends too, but they don't seem to play anymore.

September 9th,
School started this week and I've already had such an overload of homework! And I am mad that we don't get music until next term, which really sucks because I love music class. I play clarinet, and last year we got to play the nation anthems at JetForm park, which was really cool. And then at the end of the year, we had a concert, but I messed up SO badly, I ended up faking it for almost a whole song!

Oh, this year we actually get to participate in Student Council, I'm thinking of getting involved in that, but I'm not so sure about that yet.

Oh another thing, every year we get new people in our classes who've switched over from the french school, but erg! We NEVER get any hot guys! Or even any not-so-hot-but-sweet-and-funny-enough guys! We got ONE new guy, but oh my good, he is like so immature!

Well that's it for the updates here today, because that's all I have to tell you!
Peace out.

Novemeber 18th:
Wow! I haven't updated for a loooong time! Nothing much has happened, we've completely re-done my room, and now it's Purple and Yellow (Big improvement from Pink!)

Oh, and about student council, I decided to run for rep, and I got in (HELL, YEAH!) but I'm tired of planning all the stuff for our un-apreciative student body!:(

The Holidays are coming up soon, I can't wait! Christmas means so much to me because it's the one time a year I get to see most of my family, so it's always meant a lot to me.

Wheee! The Harry Potter movie is out, I'm going this weekend! If the movie's half as good as the books, it's going to be fabulous!

The movie was really fabulous! The best part has to be the Quidditch scene, no?

Look for more updates soon!!!